What is Aquaponics

Aquaponics is a method for growing food in which conventional aquaculture (for example, fish farming) is combined in a symbiotic way with hydroponics (growing plants in water).
In aquaculture, the excrement of the fish ends up in the water as waste. This can make the water toxic to fish.
In aquaponics, however, these droppings serve as food and are an essential part of the system: bacteria in e.g. the biological filter break down these 'waste materials' and convert them into nitrates and nitrites, which in turn feed the plants.
This nutrient-rich water flows through the system along the plants and is collected again. The clean water from this part is then pumped back to the aquaculture section (the fish tanks), after which the entire cycle is repeated.
With this method of cultivation, a higher production (greater number of plants per M2 area) is achieved and faster growth, since the roots of a crop do not have to look for food since they are suspended in nutrient-rich water.
The water consumption compared to conventional "in the cold soil" culture is approximately 10% !!

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